Swarm Baseball was established in 2013 as a little team with big aspirations. Ten years and fifty teams later, we are just getting started!

Swarm Baseball isn’t for everyone. It is best suited for those players willing to work harder, study longer, and push themselves far beyond the limits of their peers. Competitive young athletes willing to commit to excellence will flourish in our program and realize opportunities once thought unattainable. We will showcase our talent in exclusive tournaments and provide a pipeline to next level programs. We will enlist high level coaches and professional trainers that have experienced competitive sports at the highest level. But most importantly, we will inspire our players to wake up early and hit an extra bucket because ultimately, he or she knows that success or failure is squarely on them; A great lesson for baseball, but an essential lesson for life.

Our Mission

Teaching young athletes to love and respect the game of baseball is our primary mission. We challenge our players with intense training and teach and inspire them through self-empowerment and positive, uplifting messages. When our athletes really begin to understand this amazing and rewarding game, they soar with confidence and truly invest in becoming the best players they can be. Our instructors become mentors and the students push themselves harder than we ever could.

Our Legacy

We strive to provide superior instruction to each and every athlete that wears our uniform. We understand that wins follow effort and our coaching emphasis will always be centered around effort, focus, commitment and preparation. We love to win, but will never sacrifice a player’s development or the true enjoyment of the game for a W. All of our players will possess a high baseball IQ so they may consistently perform in stressful situations. We are building baseball players and athletes for life, not just for a season.

Owner & Manager

John founded and has been the manager of Swarm Baseball and Swarm Red Elite National since its inception. He has grown the program from handful of 8U players into one of the most respected and fastest growing programs in the state.