Swarm Baseball

High School Program

The Swarm High School Program equips high school players of all abilities to take their game to the next level.


Join Swarm Baseball this summer and fall and get ready for high school tryouts. Led by legendary coaches Bob Strachan and Roy Muller, our team of dynamic instructors are uniquely qualified to take your game to the next level. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a top prospect getting ready for D1 or the draft, our instructors will have you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared. Not only will you play in the top tournaments against the best competition, but you will be part of a unique coaching community where managers will teach you how to play the game and professional instructors will refine your individual skills. Needless to say, Swarm Baseball players will be the most prepared players on the field and trained to stand out from the competition.


Program Highlights

    • A team for every player – Red Elite for the most accomplished players and Swarm Blue, Gold, Black, and Gray for athletes needing more reps.
    • Player advisement and exclusive access to our vast network of high school coaches, college coaches, recruiters, and professional scouts.
    • All high school players automatically receive a Swarm Team Edition Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) Recruiting Profile at no extra cost. NCSA is the nations largest college recruiting site and connects athletes to over 35,000 coaches across the country.
    • All high school players will have exclusive access to Swarm Scout Days at our facility. Scout Days include official measurables (60-yard dash, 10-yard split, infield velo, outfield velo, exit velo, live bp, pitching), video analysis, profile training, player write up and the collection of video profile content.
    • Multiple practice days at both our indoor and outdoor facilities with an emphasis on individual development.
    • Exclusive access to Redline Athletics, Conte Sports Performance, and Fitlife Systems for baseball specific strength, conditioning, and speed training.
    • We will have multiple high school teams participating in elite tournaments and showcases including Perfect Game, USA, PBR, AZ Fall Classic, Pathway Games and Prospect Wire.



    • $275 Seasonal Club Fee, due as soon as a player joins
    • $259 Monthly Fee, starts in June and goes through December (fees start when player starts)
    • Fees above include uniform, coach pay, facility, fields, insurance, registration and more. Tournaments, showcases, events and travel are extra.


There will be 1-2 practices per week, strength and conditioning, classroom sessions and individual skills development. Additional instruction with position experts is available upon request and may include an additional fee based on time and commitment.


Swarm supplies jerseys and hats, players will need to supply pants, socks, belt and other accessories and equipment.


Not only will every player get a complimentary recruiting profile from NCSA with instant access to over 35,000 college coaches, but professional video production as well. More importantly, all of our high school coaches have long standing relationships with college coaches, pro scouts, and recruiters and will advise and guide our players through every step of the process including the first email as a freshman to declaring as a junior or senior. These vast networks will not only get us into elite national tournaments and showcases but bring coaches and their staffs to our doorstep. Our staff has sent hundreds of players to college and dozens of players to the MLB over the years and they are considered trusted resources in the industry. Many of our coaches just finished playing professionally or are still playing and remain highly active in the process.


Teams are tiered and rosters are established by skill level (for example, AA, AAA, Majors, Showcase). All teams will carry 12-14 players to make sure we have enough players for events. A player’s skill level is the primary factor in team placement, but other factors such as team needs, availability, and tenure may be factored in.

It is important to understand that teams must be successful in tournaments to keep their good standing with the organization and be invited back. Winning teams lift the entire organization and that is why it is essential to compete in every game. Being competitive is a learned skill and all of our team’s train to win. Our practices will complement the best local, regional, and national high school programs and prepare our players to compete at a high level with their high school peers. Team drills, group drills and individual drills are written in advance and the various coaches work seamlessly to maximize team and player development. Practice usually last two hours and there is never a minute wasted.

The Swarm Red Elite showcase team(s) will play in the most competitive tournaments and travel most frequently. Swarm Majors level teams (Black and Gray) will also compete in certain highly competitive events, but mostly play in local and regional showcases and tournaments. Swarm AAA level teams (Blue and Gold) will mainly play in local events and focus on development and tons of reps. There will be events in all months leading up to high school tryouts and a larger roster will ensure there is no overuse injuries.